Winter Water Quality Webinar Series

Join the UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Agriculture Water Quality Program for a biweekly webinar series that will focus on the important factors impacting ground and surface water quality.

Each webinar will be an hour, starting at 12:00pm, and will have available one soil and water continuing education credit for certified crop advisors. Registration is free but required. Please contact Laura Paletta with questions,

January 16, 2024 : Optimizing Nitrogen Use and Reducing Nitrate Leaching

How do we optimize the use of commercial nitrogen and reduce nitrate leaching? Learn about how agronomic results and water quality impacts connect with lessons from an on-farm trial from the Nitrogen Optimization Pilot Program (NOPP) from 2023. Guolong Liang and Monica Shauer, research director for NOPP, will discuss the importance of nitrogen optimization and the strategies to reduce nitrate leaching.

January 30, 2024- Wisconsin’s Unique Karst Landscapes and the Impacts on Water Quality 

Dr. Maureen Muldoon and Laura Paletta will share how Wisconsin’s unique karst landscapes and Silurian bedrock impact the ground beneath our feet and groundwater resources. They will provide information on best management practices to utilize in these areas to lessen soil and nutrient loss impacts.

February 13, 2024- Soil Health Practices Impact on Phosphorus Pools and Availability

Chelsea Zegler and Dr. Jamie Patton continue their conversation from last year on how soil test phosphorus (STP) impacts water quality. Learn how different cover crops and soil health practices change water dynamics, the location and the availability of phosphorus in different soil types.

February 27, 2024- Grazing and Water Quality: Lessons Learned From Edge-Of-Field Research

How do grazing methods affect runoff water quality? Eric Young, USDA-ARS Research Soil Scientist, and Kelsey Hyland will discuss lessons learned from edge-of-field grazing research and strategies to maximize water quality benefit in these systems.

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