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The Agriculture Water Quality Program delivers educational content for farmers, crop advisors and conservation professionals on the relationships between ag production practices and water quality outcomes.

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Snowmelt running off a farmyard

Spring impacts of climate change on Wisconsin agriculture

This article includes 1) impacts of climate change in spring in Wisconsin, 2) the consequences of climate change with a focus on phosphorus, and 3) practices to increase farm resilience in the face of rapidly changing weather in spring.

Dairy cow grazing in field

▶ Watch: Grazing and Water quality, Lessons learned from edge-of-field research

How do grazing methods affect runoff water quality? Eric Young, USDA-ARS Research Soil Scientist, and Kelsey Hyland discuss lessons learned from edge-of-field grazing research and strategies to maximize water quality benefits in these systems.

Corn popping out of soil

▶ Watch: Soil health practices impact on phosphorus pools and availability

Chelsea Zegler and Dr. Jamie Patton continue their conversation from last year on how soil test phosphorus (STP) impacts water quality. Learn how different cover crops and soil health practices change water dynamics, the location and the availability of phosphorus in different soil types.

Sinkhole from karst

▶Watch: Wisconsin’s unique karst landscapes and the impacts on water quality

Dr. Maureen Muldoon and Laura Paletta share how Wisconsin’s unique karst landscapes and Silurian bedrock impact the ground beneath our feet and groundwater resources. They provide information on best management practices to utilize in these areas to lessen soil and nutrient loss impacts.

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The Agriculture Water Quality Program helps to address the water quality challenges facing agricultural producers in Wisconsin. Our Program adds support and structure for collaborations and initiatives to conduct research and education to improve water quality related to agricultural production for farmers, crop advisors, and conservation professionals.

We build on the research, knowledge, and experience of faculty and staff in Extension that have been working on this issue, including Extension’s very successful Discovery Farms® Program.

Contact our Extension Agriculture Water Quality Program team at agwater@extension.wisc.edu

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